When you run out of credits on a plan, Siply offers the ability to add single credits to top your account up. This enables you to buy drinks when your balance is low.

The price of the credits is the same as the price on your plan.

How to buy single credits

First add a credit card to Siply

Tap the User Profile button on the navigation bar:

Locate and tap the Payment Settings button:

Tap Add new card:

Enter your credit card details and click the tick in the top right when complete:

Your credit card is now attached to Siply and can be used for purchases.

Buying extra credits at any time

Tap the User Profile button on the navigation bar:

Tap the Payment History button:

You should see an active plan in yellow. Click the Rebuy link:

Chose how many credits you want to buy and click the Purchase button. The credits will be applied to your account immediately.

Buying credits at the time of purchase

Build a cart at a coffee shop like you usually would do. If you add a drink that your credits won't cover, you'll get a popup telling you how many you need to buy to cover that order:

Click Buy Credits to purchase more. You'll be prompted to choose how many you want to buy, with the quantity set to whatever the amount is required to complete the order. Feel free to increase this amount if you'd like to.

Note that prices above are for this guide only and may not reflect the price of your plan

Click Purchase and credits will be applied to your account.

NOTE: for the beta you'll now hit a User Experience issue. You'll now need to go back a screen to the list/map/dashboard view, then come back to the shop for the credits to take effect. We're working on this bug and should have it fixed in a future version of Siply. If you don't do this the app will think you still don't have enough credits and prompt you to buy more again.

Now purchase your drinks as usual.